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Happy break!

All checked in and through security… stop in Chicago, then onwards to Hong Kong!!

Stress eating Cadbury mini eggs because…

Tomorrow is both:

  1. The day I leave for Hong Kong (!!)
  2. The day my condo financing was supposed to be figured out.

Long story short, the first loan officer I was working with did a less than awesome job, so I had to switch and work with someone else (who is doing an AMAZING job)… we are close, but not quite there yet, so I have to ask for an extension on figuring everything out.  I really hope the sellers understand and go with it.  I will be so disappointed if it doesn’t work out now.  I haven’t been able to get ahold of my lawyer or realtor yet, so I’m freaking out a little bit.


(pssst, math-girl, I’m a horrible person for just now getting around to it, but I finally read/finished Alanna!  Already got the rest of the series from the library :P)

Yay, I’m glad you liked it!  :)

Not everyone you lose is a loss.

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I want to go to Niagara Falls so badly.





Might be slightly Office inspired.

Right now the boy and I am planning on going next summer!

Excellent place for a meet up. 

you should probably be involved in this.

Um, yes.  I’ve also never been to Niagara Falls… so, there’s that.

Yesterday’s walk on the beach.

Btw, this is a few blocks from my condo.

I am a lucky gal.

It’s Saturday morning. Like most Saturday mornings, I made myself pancakes. I’m going to cut them all up and then put the syrup on. Today is accompanied by a cup of tea because I woke up still with that head cold.

On the weekends, I wake up and make MYSELF pancakes or waffles. And there’s no one saying, “I don’t feel like pancakes,” or, “I’m not hungry yet,” or, “Tea is gross,” or suggesting we go out. I wake up in MY bed, I make MYSELF pancakes, and then I climb back into MY bed and eat them when I want to. And even if I am a little lonely sometimes, my independent Saturday mornings are fucking glorious.

Relationships can be wonderful. But so can your relationship with yourself.

I’d like to post about how I think the condo is going to work out…

But everytime I feel like that, something else happens that makes me think it’s not going to happen.

So we’ll see, I guess.

Taking a sick day today…

Which, you know, sucks because I don’t feel well, I’m missing an event at school, and the state test is in two weeks…

But I am really thankful that I have a job where I can call in sick.



Sixty degrees in Wisconsin. Short sleeve shirt and shorts.

No! It’s a beaver and our PBIS shirt for school!

Haha, unfortunately, our Golden Gopher is not very distinguishable from a beaver.  Or a squirrel.  Or other rodent.


In that case, cool shirt!