strangenewclassrooms, open invitation to all eduachums to come visit. I will cook. You bring the wine.

I’m there. In all seriousness though, I’ve been meaning to head back into the city at some point. Maybe we should plan a Northeast meetup some weekend after the back-to-school craziness ends?

This should happen.

The end (or the beginning?)

After a pretty big personal event in August of last year, I started seeing a therapist. She really has helped me work through a lot of things in my life, grow in confidence, and all in all become a happier person. This was never meant to be a permanent thing. This summer, we moved to a bi-weekly schedule since I’ve been so relaxed and don’t have much going on. When i was driving to my appointment yesterday, I was actually thinking about how we were eventually going to phase my need for any appointments at all out. I figured that we’d probably start meeting monthly and then just do check-ins if I ever needed them. I’ve grown a lot this year, and I know that I don’t really need it anymore.

When I got to my appointment yesterday, my therapist told me that she is leaving her position. Most of her position is administrative work, and there wasn’t enough to keep her occupied. She is moving on to bigger and better things. Unfortunately, her boss is only giving her two weeks… Normally with patients, it’s better to have 4-6 weeks so you can transition treatment, but she said it wasn’t really her choice. What this means for me is that we have one more session together.

I could continue with another clinician, but I (and my therapist) feel that I have made so much progress and am so close to “the end” that this might not really make a lot of sense… I’d have to delve into the things I have been talking about the last 8-10 months with someone new. I’m thinking that I will try to just be done after this…

But this is really causing me a lot of anxiety. I thought I’d be able to check in with her if I needed to, and that we’d phase things out a little more slowly than this… I think I’d have a hard time regardless, but this is just so abrupt. I don’t know why I’m feeling this anxious about it. I am doing fine. I don’t need the appointments anymore… but still. :/

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Crossfit & paleo

So I am LOVING Crossfit so far… I’ve decided that when my 10 class pass is up, I will just bite the bullet and do an unlimited membership.  I feel good, and I am enjoying the community aspect of it a lot.  It would be so great to get into a routine with it once the school year starts.

The next step for me is thinking about food.  I already know that I feel way better when I eat paleo, so I want to move towards that.  However, I LOVE my pasta and bread, and asking me to give up cupcakes and ice cream… well, that just isn’t happening.  So I think I’m going to compromise and just not have those things at home.  I can order them when I go out to eat (in moderation of course), and when I feel like having ice cream, I can go have ice cream… 

I’m not sure if that completely nulls the effects of eating paleo because obviously there will still be some sugar and grain in my diet… but I don’t think I can go cold turkey.

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