"I’ve written about this before, and it comes down to one line: Confusion is the sweat of learning. If a student doesn’t get confused at some point in a class then either the student already knew the material in class, or the student didn’t learn anything in class. It’s just like going to a gym to work out. If you didn’t sweat and you didn’t get sore afterwards, you probably didn’t do anything."
- Two Common Misconceptions About Learning | WIRED (via teachnologies)

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Teacher Wellness Tips

Reblog with your own tips.

  1. Plan what you are going to eat during the week.  On Sundays, I go grocery shopping and buy ingredients for a large salad and two other healthy meals.  When I get home, I make the large salad and put it into five containers.  Healthy lunches for the week are done.  They’re easy to make, easy to grab in the morning when I leave, and keep me eating the good stuff.

    If I have time to make one of the meals ahead of time, I do that too.  Otherwise, a crockpot might be your best friend.

    Keep healthy snacks that you like (for me it’s almonds and natural fruit strips) at school.

  2. Make exercising a priority.  Like sign up for a class. Or schedule time into your planner.  Even better if you can make it a social thing.  I know teachers who run stairs at school with other teachers and/or walk the building once or twice.

    DON’T plan on doing some form of exercise that you hate.  You’re going to be busy and tired, and you’re not going to do it.  Sign up for a league, go swimming, go walking, go rollerblading, do yoga in your living room… Whatever.  But don’t sit here in September thinking, “I’m going to run every day after school!” if you hate running.

    Keep yourself accountable for exericing… For me, the best three ways to do this are: 1) Have a plan.  Scheudle it, even if it’s a loose schedule. Bring your clothes and a power snack with you to school.  Don’t go home and sit down… you’ll never get up.  2) Pay for it.  I have an expensive gym membership. I know I need to get my money’s worth to make it worth it.  So I go.  3) Make it social. This could be as easy as telling a co-worker that you’re going to go on a run after school.  Or, even better, getting that person to go with you!

    This doesn’t need to be every day.  Twice a week will make a difference.  I find that exercise makes me feel good about myself and about life, and it’s a lot easier for me to fall asleep if I got a workout in.

  3. Use your phone.  Seriously.  Pick a day to check in with a friend every week.  Bonus points if it’s another teacher friend who could use some time to vent too.  Support each other.

  4. Have a bedtime.  It doesn’t have to be a strict one.  But honestly, staying up until 2 am planning doesn’t always (actually probably usually doesn’t) make your lesson all that much better.  Get some sleep.  It will help your immune system and brain function.

  5. Don’t do work on Saturdays.  Or Sundays… whichever.  Pick a weekend day that you can just live your life and not work.

  6. Drink water.  Bring a waterbottle to work and leave it there.  And use it.

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The First Year 15:


I didn’t gain a Freshman 15. Because duh, I’m a professional.

I did gain one my first year of teaching though. From eating bad takeout, eating at 9pm, and getting so down about work stuff that I would lay in bed drenched in self hatred instead of going to the gym.

The only significant thing I have to add to the plethora of first year teacher advice is to take care of your physical self. Struggling to find work clothes that fit isn’t fun. You have so many other things to worry about. Having the kids ask if you’re pregnant halfway through the year should not be one of them…

Because it’s me, my response was always “nope, you all just stress me out so I eat cheeseburgers all the time.”

Take care of yourself. Mind, body, and spirit.

Eat that cheeseburger.

Drink that extra glass of wine.

Watch some Netflix.

Then go workout with a vengeance…

Seriously though.  BUILD INTO YOUR SCHEDULE NOW, AS IN RIGHT NOW, SOME TIME TO EXERCISE.  And make it a priority.

I used to be (am?) the queen of: “This is more important than exercise” or “I’m too tired to exercise” or “I have to get this done first and then I won’t have time.”

But the truth is… Nothing is more important than your wellness.

In fact, it’s so important that I’m going to write another post about it..

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So frustrated… I have been getting a lot of exercise lately, but my shoulder is still hurting so badly that I’m not sure what I can do for the next few days. :(

(Re: My earlier post)

Yes, we need to be open to and invite new people into our lives instead of just expecting them to come find us - we have to do some finding too.  But we have very little control over when people walk into our lives (or sometimes out of them).

I don’t think that going on a ton of bad dates or kissing tons of frogs makes the “right” person show up any faster.  And call me romantic… but I don’t think that that will mean I miss that person either.

deep thoughts for a Saturday night

A few girlfriends have given me the same advice about dating this week.  ”You need to go on a lot of bad dates in order to go on a good one.”

I think that is shit.

just so we're clear

I have somewhat chronic pain in my upper back/shoulder… It is usually fine but it hurts so unbelievably fucking bad today and nothing I do is helping.

How the hell do you teach Geometry?

Okay, so I actually feel like I could teach Geometry… if I could choose how to map the curriculum.

But with the curriculum map my school uses, it feels so messed up to me.  Like, the kids have to start with knowing strict definitions of lines, angles, etc… Why can’t we explore those things and let them come about naturally instead?

:( second year teacher

I don’t know what’s up with hithertokt's taco lit references, but if you aren't laughing at them, you're missing out.

Survived day one.

It was a pretty good day.  Classes were short today, so not much was accomplished.  The kids seem like a good group, and I am excited to get started.

Is it normal to totally miss your students from last year though?  I am really missing my old school and old students and old coworkers, even though I know I made the right decision to leave.

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