First year teacher school supplies?

One of my mentor teachers just sent me a $50 gift certificate to use at!  I have no idea what I should get…

What are some supplies that every first year teacher should have?

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  1. wincherella answered: sticky notes, electric pencil sharpener are my number one things. Good grading pens and a desk calendar .
  2. forn0esis answered: A watch.
  3. teenakp answered: It would use the entire $50, but a heavy-duty pencil sharpener is a must, as the one you get (IF you get) from the school will be crap.
  4. revolutionizeed answered: Pens..lots of different colored pens. Electric pencil sharpener.
  5. everyfiredies answered: STICKIE NOTES. I use them all day every day. And I agree with lhuddles with binder clips and organizing bins/trays.
  6. edukaition answered: I agree with PPT - I would wait and see what your school will provide you before I spent it.
  7. swirlingmango answered: If they are not too expensive, you can never go wrong with sissors or other little things too. If you’re doing math. Calculators?
  8. arielmarie answered: A heavy duty pencil sharpener is a must!
  9. tomes-away said: Crayons or colored pencils, teacher scissors, post its, Tylenol, granola bars, construction paper, chart paper, rulers, chunky erasers, pencils, pens to lend out and to grade with, markers.
  10. ambedu said: Aw, nice!
  11. positivelypersistentteach answered: I’d wait and see what your school provides you before spending it.
  12. specialbunny answered: PENCILS, post-its, and PENCILS. Paper too!
  13. teachinginthemiddle answered: binder clips, lots of plain folders, highlighters and pens, a good stapler for you, organizing bins/trays
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